One Life Werks Team
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One Life Werks Team

About the team

Everybody loves an underdog. You root for them. Cheer on their success; are thrilled when they actually make it. One Life Cycle captured numerous fans on their ride, but following the success of our inaugural racing season, we have leaped our way from newcomers to a top scoring British Fixed Gear Team, finishing with a top 7 World Team Power Ranking (out of over 300 teams) and scoring points at Six Day London, we are underdogs no more.

Even with a significant lack of funding, unfriendly fortunes on the way, we continue on high, proving the team is a force to be reckoned with. But those successes are only a part of our journey. While building on strength after strength in racing, we are simultaneously evolving One Life Werks into a socially responsible youth development and events organisation to race Fixed Gear Criteriums and develop under 21 Six Day Cup riders. Fixed Gear Crits are turbo charged urban races, attracting the worlds fastest track and road cycling stars through to amateurs, giving the races a unique atmosphere of all inclusivity. The Under 21 Six Day Cup sees the worlds best under 21 track riders battle it out over three nights of epic racing in London, Berlin, Manchester and Brisbane.

Since partnering with Artisan Werks at the start of 2019, the young and talented team opened fresh avenues for its growth: we initiated and are actively involved in unifying UK Fixed Criterium racing scene and creating the British Fixed Gear Championships for 2020 and beyond, with culmination of One Life Werks organising and running the penultimate race in Bristol next year. The team merger with Artisan Werks has laid the strongest foundation yet for this and future seasons to come.  Artisan Werks provides essential expertise, and most importantly – management skills with a structured long-term vision and the tools to bring our team to World Class Level. We have re-grouped and re-branded to become a professional outlet. Our ambitions proved to work and amateur fixed crit team has become elite outfit battling it out at Six Day Series Event all within short 7 month.