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happarel bicycles

innovators of reflective bicycle

Happarel Bicycles is all about elegant reflective solutions for cyclists that add to design aesthetic instead of compromising. With their first fully customised reflective bicycle frames Happarel Bicycles pushed the bounds of innovation increasing cyclists road-visibility in the most fashionable and practical way. Alongside complete reflective bicycles, Happarel produce a wide range of reflective accessories such as Sticker Kits, handmade Cycling Caps and organic T-Shirts.

 Current focus on smart reflective products is a result of merging background in product design with their passion of riding and building urban bikes.

After two years of experimenting with different materials and over the course of many months of road-tests a unique reflective film was selected for it’s adaptability and durability. This custom material coupled with handcrafting techniques led to a reflective frame treatment that takes the form of a custom design modification and a finish that is nowhere else to be found.

Today major bike manufacturers like Schindelhauer,  are among a selected group of designer brands working together with Happarel Bicycles. The great benefit of Happarel’s reflective applications have also been discovered by makers of rehabilitation aids and wheelchairs. Contributing to the cycling community is as important as building a great product.

Sustainability is one of the driving ideals that Happarel Bicycles hold when producing a new product. The reflective components are designed to outlast standard paint applications.