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artisan werks’ unifying factor is a certain kind of approach to life and to craft which stands beyond just music and art, often found in out-of-the-way obsessions like motoring or longstanding traditions of tailoring; craftsmen who work to fulfil a particular vision, however idiosyncratic it may appear


At King we build the most beautiful bicycles from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. Steel, Stainless steel and aluminium are handbuild in the Netherlands, titanium and carbon fibre are (partly)outsourced but always handmade, then handfinished in the Netherlands

Each King bike is uniquely tailored to fit it’s client

Mark Lemstra started King bicycles back in 2002, as an enthusiastic cyclist, by building bicycles for competition purpose. From the very early days of his cycling career he has been interested in steel and titanium bicycles, mostly craftsmanship needed to build frames.

  Educated as a mechanical engineer, he learned the skills needed to build beautiful well balanced frame. As a jewellery-smith Mark mastered the craft of fine metalworks, resulting in the most beautiful frame-builds, painted as well by Mark in well-thought designs.

  Every King frame and bike is carefully built to fit it’s rider and stands out as a work of art, beautiful as well perfectly measured.


Custom and Bespoke Frame Works

The entire build process starts with a talk about what you want from your new bike. We take the measurements of your current bike, or we plan a full measurement of your body, or a Bike-Fit.

After the frame has been build it has to be finished. Wether you chose it to be painted in a design, sandblasted or just plain nude, everything is done by hand and never the same as another bike.

The entire building process varies from 12-16 weeks, depending on the complexity of the build and finishing.  




































Custom Cycling Shoes


























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Fixed Criterium Race Team


























Previous Projects

Latest News:


Georg Mew Jensen and Will Draper

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